Prophetic Words for Encouragement

February 18 2022

The Waterfall and the Butterfly

Take a moment and think, what is causing you pain and hurt. You may of shed tears, many tears. You may have a sick feeling or a tight knot in your stomach. You may feel a sense of grief and sorrow, distress and frustration.

Now put this aside, but not to the back of your mind. See yourself sitting on a rock. In front of you is a stream. You hear the water running between the rocks. About 15 feet away to the left is a waterfall. It is not a huge waterfall but stands about 1 and a half stories high. Around the waterfall are tall trees, pungas and ferns. Some are higher than the waterfall and at the top of the waterfall the sun is glistening on the water as it flows over the edge. The rays flow down into the stream in front of you. You are warmed by the sun and you are so at peace in this beautiful place. Water is freely flowing but it is not roaring.

You hear birds, beautiful birds singing glorious songs. You see a fawn on the other side of the stream. He looks at you but is not fearful of you. You see other little animals scuffling about enjoying their surroundings. You look up and see a butterfly with beautiful colours like you have never seen before. It is flying near you and every now and then resting on leaves of trees and ferns. You are so thrilled to be in such a beautiful place, no worries, no fears, no disturbances. It is so peaceful that you feel a sense of healing by just being there.

Now bring your hurts and pain together with this beautiful place - like double glazing of a window. Imagine yourself climbing on the butterflies back as you fly towards the top of the waterfall towards the sun. Towards Heaven. As you climb higher your fears and hurts get lighter and lighter.

This word today is not just for today. In the days to come a butterfly will be a sign to you. Your heart will be heavy and before you will appear a butterfly. It will be me saying, 'climb on board and fly, fly towards that waterfall and up to the sun, towards Heaven.

Reach out to me and I will meet you and I will take your load.

Psalm 34:18

New International Version

18The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

This word the Lord gave me many years ago for a church. He prompted me to share it here.