Prophetic Words for Encouragement

November 27 2022

Hiding place

  1. a place where something or someone may be safely hidden
  2. a place suitable for hiding something (such as yourself)

My children, it is time to draw into that hiding place like never before. Chaos is near but I am here. I am everywhere. My children stand tall and strong. You are hidden in me. You are set apart and protected. All is well. Hear the sound of my voice. 

When you see things falling and crashing in many ways, when you see and hear things that are hard to hear, when things don't make sense - remember that I the Lord prepared you so you could identify and not be alarmed. I am in the chaos and destruction. Feel strong and emboldened and know that you had the heads up. I - your Father - I your redemer have you all in my hand.

Do not worry and do not lose trust in ME. The rapids may be tough for a while, but calmness awaits.