Prophetic Words for Encouragement

May 1 2023


Every day when you wake, come before Me. There are so many distractions. There are so many issues. 

Come before Me in quietness. All those things that you feel are urgent to pay attention to are distracting you. Calibrate youself at the start of the day. Calibrate - reset. Sit, stand, kneel or lay before me. Recognise that I Am the one who brings order and I have your day in my hand.

Don't distract yourself with tasks or problems. First and foremost - come before ME. I will ground you, I will give you the strength. I see your desire to fix things. You are doing it in your own strength. Sit before me. Pull all those things going  around in your mind back to stillness. Come before ME. Recognise that I am in control.

Recognise that I do have tasks and I have given you abilities, but you must rest in me at the start of the day. Give me your full attention. Discern.

My spirit will minister and I will supernaturally give you the ability, strength and power.