Prophetic Words for Encouragement

October 24 2021

Freedom is upon you

Your King has come. I am here, I am all around. Your heart has been held captive in many ways. Your freedom is upon you. You will feel light as though you are being lifted up. You are being set free. Your future will be different from this day. Rejoice, draw nigh as a child embraces his mother and father. I have set the world free to glorify ME. Me you will glorify. My love for you has no bounds. Dream, dance, you are being changed. It is I who sets the captives free and free you are. Every day from here you will grow stronger and stronger, I have shed tears for each and every one of you. The world is Mine and the fullness in it. I will be Glorified - I love you, my children.

John 8:36

So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.