Prophetic Words for Encouragement

April 3 2023


For I am an intimate God. You will see how I can change your life.

I am personal and I know every cell of your body. I know what every cell does. I know every thought you have, I know every movement you do. I know your fears, I know your pain and I know your joy. I know why you think like you do and I know how you respond to what you think. I know when you are sad and when you are angry. I know when you hate. I know every wrinkle, every heart beat and every scar. I know when you are tired, and when you feel vulnerable. I know everything. 

My heart is for you - not against you. I have guidelines like any parent. They are to keep you from pain and confusion. I have laws but these laws are to protect you. My laws are not given to restrict you - but to lead you and guide you. These are laws of love, covenants between you and I. Embrace my ways and you will see the devine path I have for you. I see you as you strive to go about your ways. But your ways are not My ways. Follow Me. As my ways are perfect and sincere and loving. Trust Me. Seek Me. Know Me and you will see. Your eyes will be opened to My Glory. 

Stop resisting. I know your heart - take that step and come closer to me. I am an intimate God. Come, move away from that which is holding you back. Choose life. Choose ME. Choose to come. Take that step forward - don't look back. 

I have gifts, wonders, dreams, visions, talents, hopes and desires to give to you. I have new passions - Godly passions. I see your heart. You desire to do that which you know deep down is right. I have been speaking to you for many years. You know what to do. You know that I am real and I LOVE you. You know I AM that I AM. You just need to move - I am a patient God and you know that I am - as you see now I have never left you or forgotten you. I have always been by your side. I am calling you to new heights. I will give you the strength and I will give you the ability to do that which I have called you to do. Do not worry about your ability to do so as it is I who will give you all that you need. 

The eye has not seen, nor the ear heard what I have in store for you. You are seeing this today because I am speaking to you. It is no accident you came upon this. This word is for you. Come.