Prophetic Words for Encouragement

November 21, 2022

Coffee Stain - shaped like New Zealand

This coffee stain has quite a story to it. It appeared on my desk one day. I thought oh, that looks like NZ, but the North Island is back to front. It stayed there for months because I couldn't bear to clean it away - I knew it meant something. Eventually I took a picture of it and cleaned it off the desk. About 6 months later I went to look for it in my photos folder. It was no where to be seen. I looked everywhere and for days I tried to find it. I asked the Lord - 'if it means something please let me find it'. I then remembered I had sent it in a text message to my support group. I went back and loaded months of messages and there it was. Incredible. God was saying something.


Update: 17 February 2023.

Widespread damage: Cyclone Gabrielle in pictures | RNZ News

The upper North Island has been hit by a cyclone this past week. Also a 6.0 earthquake near Wellington........keep Wellington in prayer. 

Update: 16 May 2023.

Live: Many feared dead in Wellington Loafers Lodge hostel fire |

Tragedy - Hostel fire in Wellington.

Update 26 June 2023.

Weather: Concerns over future of East Coast's roading network after heavy rain hits | Newshub After the weekend's weather, there isn't a single aspect of life in    East Cape that isn't sodden. Above all, the roads took a beating. There are serious questions about the future of the East Coast's roading network as mass closures leave communities stranded indefinitely. Resilience repairs earlier this year have failed to stop severe damage on multiple state highways this week after heavy rain hit the area, and now solutions are few and far between.

Pray for the Lord to have mercy on New Zealand. Pray for Wellington.