Prophetic Words for Encouragement

January 17 2024


I hear someone kicking the tin can down a road. I believe the Lord is saying - stop listening to the "noise" and pay attention. I hear LOUD rail road crossing signal bells.


This morning as I woke the Lord showed me massive big words saying Truth Bombs. I believe these truth bombs are massive. I believe they are related to the GLORY word the Lord gave me. 

There was once a little girl and a little boy. They were born into a world. They grew and grew. They became part of this world and believed all that was told to them. They put their trust in the leaders and the teachings of the day. They put their trust in believing that people of that world, had their best interests at heart. They put their trust in history. They put their trust in science. They put their trust in governments. They put their trust in food. They put their trust in medicines. They put their trust in famous people. They put their trust in what was told to them in the news. They built their lives around these core beliefs.

Overnight they awakened to have all their trusts and core beliefs come crashing down before them. They saw the hypocrisy and the lies. They saw the pain and horror that had been done to multitudes of people and children. They stood there in unbelief. They stood there not knowing which way to run or go. They stood there totally bewildered and totally dumfounded. They could not move.

God saw their pain and came rushing to hold them up. He came rushing to carry them and to be ALL and everything to them. He came to their rescue and he came with such a force they felt like they were floating. They felt like they were light as air and were lifted up to high places but their feet were still on the ground. He took all of their pain and he took all of their confusion. He replaced it with his glorious presence. He replaced it with HIMSELF. He replaced it with His GLORY.

It is only God who can give us the strength and comfort to get us through.