Prophetic Words for Encouragement

December 19 2022

Show ME

As soon as you are waking up - focus on me. Humble yourself. Put yourself in a mindset of the awesomeness of God. Lift your sights above your present world. Recognise that I am the great I AM. I am in control. Put yourselves in a space where you are reverent and fear ME. I have the power over everything. I have a plan. You are part of that plan.

Show me how you reverence ME. Show me you need me. Show me like you mean business and show me you care enough to put me first in your day. Also, show me at the end of the day your gratefulness and thankfullness. Show me that you do recognise, revere and rejoice in WHO I am. Show me your heart. Show me you are not just playing. Show me you care. Show me your faithfullness. Show me how you trust me. Show me, show me, show me.

You go about your day as though I am removed and far away. Show me you feel me, hear me and love me. Show me.

Show me your joy. Show me your appreciation. Show me, Show me, Show Me.

Show me I am worthy of being in your life. Show me you are conquerors.

Show me, Show me, Show me.

Show me you recognise that I give you life, food, water, clothes, housing. show me. Show me. Show me.

Show me that YOU know that I AM the centre of your life. Show me. Show ME. Show me I am your lover of your life. Show me that I am the source of your life. Show me your sincerity, Show me your honour. Show ME. Show me how you love me.

I take joy in hearing from you, I take joy in knowing how much you love me and I take joy in YOU knowing YOU know ME.

Show me.