Prophetic Words for Encouragement

November 24 2022


The goliath that you see will soon be no more. Focus - Fix your eyes on things above, NOT on what you see.

Things are changing - I am doing the change, but the changes that you see are going to shake you. Stand tall, take your ground - MY ground. See youself as conquerors. See yourself winning. 

Tears will fall but know that I am in the tears. As the tears flow you will find an unusual sense of strength. You will feel like conquerors. I am slaying the giant in your midst.  

Just know that I am there, Just hold on. Trust ME. Do not lose your focus. Afterward you will see things you have never seen. Glorious things, beautiful things, You will be beside yourself with wonder. I am here. I am working even though you can't see. Have Faith. Have Trust. 

The Goliath that you see today will soon be no more. I am setting you free.

Yesterday I heard this song 'Goliath' - sung by Lucy Grimble and Mitch Wong. It spoke to me.