Prophetic Words for Encouragement

May 27 2023

Supermarkets - will become churches

In my prayer time this morning I was lead to pray for neighbourhood greengrocers and butchers to open up. I then prayed 'Supermarkets will become churches'. To explain myself in more detail - the words just came out of my mouth and I thought to myself "what did I say?" They weren't my words.

Over some time now - a year or so I have felt the Lord say that these things will open up. However I have never heard him say supermarkets will become churches.

It all made sense to me then. I have learned lately of the future plans of the enemy to control food and who can buy it - when and where.

This all made sense to me. It is so exciting.

Watch and see what the Lord does. People are going to flock to the Lord when they know what the enemy has done and planned. The supermarkets will carry a lot of the overflow the present churches can not take in.