Prophetic Words for Encouragement

June 2024.

I heard the Lord say - share your dreams. They were intense dreams that came with input.

26 October 2020

I was near an entrance to a door. I was holding a little lamb in my arms. It was very young. A man walked into the entrance. He didn't look at me or say anything. He was very focused on the lamb. At first, I thought he must like it, but then he became fixated. He grabbed its legs, pretending to pat it, but he was trying to break it. Hurt it. It was very sinister and evil. I knew he was trying to thrust his fist inside its body - it was really upsetting. I could feel the hate from him. He couldn't hurt the lamb as it was in my arms. But he wanted to so bad.

I woke up feeling upset and asked God what was that all about. I said YOU are the lamb of God. I felt he said no Anna, you are the lamb. the man is Satan. Then it all fell into place. I knew what God was saying personally to me. God was looking after me,

23 November 2020

I was praying for someone to be released. I saw the look on their face, and they were bound. But before I finished the prayer - God had freed them and their whole face changed to peace and happiness.

End of November exact date unknown. 2020

I dreamed that I was packing some things away but then as I put my hand on a lid of a plastic container the lids multiplied.

2 Jan 2021

I was standing at a door entrance. I was looking from a distance into a large empty room. There were 3 men of different heights on this round about thing that was turning. The men were of different nationalities. I was physically caught up in the air and flown over to these men. I had no control over it. I was set down as it was still turning. This roundabout thing was an unusual shape. It was turning very slowly, and it stopped at one particular man right in front of me. He looked very aristocrat - a nobleman type from years ago. He had on old clothes like they used to wear. He had greyish-white hair. Strong face and a beard. He was the tallest of the three men. He was looking intently right at me. He barely moved. I wasn't afraid. No words were spoken. I saw a faint smile form on his lips. We were looking directly at each other. I did not see the other men's faces but I knew they had darker skin. One darker than the other. They were all looking outwards in their 'compartment' on the roundabout.

I knew right there by an impartation from God that HE - the Almighty is in control of the nations and the world and HE will have his way.

20 Jan 2021

I was at the front of a church. A white carriage with horses was standing in the aisle ready to take the bride to the altar. A few of us were standing around, then we made our way in front of the bride. I was worried as we were going in front of her, and I was embarrassed thinking I was getting in the way. I said "no" we can't walk in front of her. A man said yes, this is the way it is meant to be. The altar was very close, and I thought it was so odd as it was such a short ride in the carriage. A few of us standing were like some 'important' type people or significant somehow. 

22 January 2021

I was with two men. I can see the face of one man in front of me. We were talking and I am not sure what about. Then a stranger comes up to him. His back was to me. He punched the man in the face and split open his face almost from ear to ear running along like a big smile. His nose was pushed in. It was a horrible sight. Then immediately this guy shoved his hand inside his chest and forced it in. Broke the skin near his heart. He then just bolted off. The guy said 'hey I am ok'. Then I realised what just happened. This other guy was evil. The man slumped back. The 2nd guy that was with me ran off for help. I can't remember it all exactly. I do remember praying for this guy and watched his face as I rebuked and bound the enemy and took authourity over him. This mans face transformed in front of my eyes. HEALED. Total healing.

May and June 2021

I saw a cannon firing words into the air.

Message: Declare Gods Word out loud.

I saw a snowy mountain. A snowball started at the top. As it went down the mountain it became this unstoppable force.

Message: Declare Gods Word out loud.

I saw a volcano spewing out Gods Word with force and fire.

Message: Declare Gods Word out loud.

I saw an arrow defeating the enemy. Sharp and deadly.

Message: Declare Gods Word out loud.

August 2021. No exact date.

I saw a man beating a baby elephant against a pole - blood on it.

August 2021

I was in a basement and there was a large rectangle stone table. 3 people - one was a woman. They were talking about covid injection/vaccinations. This scene then turned into a photo. On the top left of the picture were two toys. One was under the other. One was for babies, the other for toddlers? 

They had not started vaccinating the children at that time.

25 September 2021

As I was waking, I saw this person was moving from one place to another. When positioned in a new place I saw this - the people in the center moved aside and a tall 'tree' came forth and I wondered how no one had not seen it before? I felt a hand pushing me forward. I thought "what"?

30 October 2021

There were little baby cats in a cage. I was given the task to give them some poison to kill them. I was to put some drop things in the cage. I knew somehow someone else had already put one lot in. I had the poison in my hands but refused to do it. I had a choice - it was very disturbing. I could not kill any. This dream was very vivid. 

21 February 2022

I was outside in the middle of a road. It was slightly uphill. I was paralyzed by the enemy. There was a horrid presence of evil. I managed to drag my way to an open door and call help. I knew Christians lived in this house. They came to help but they too were affected. However - we became stronger and quickly won the battle. It left. I woke up feeling totally free of this evil presence. I didn't even dwell on it. I was amazed how free I felt after such a dreadful experience in this dream. It was so real.

31 March 2022

I could see a sea of library books. It felt as though this was my dream all night. They seemed to be hiding. Books were covered under a white cloth.

March 2022

Twins came up in my dreams a lot.

1 July 2022

I saw our Prime Ministers hand being removed - different parts of her hand taken off separately. I only saw her hand.

August 2022

Something about subliminal messages. however, they were identified individually and seen for what they were.

August 2022

I heard lots of trumpets in my dreams.

late September 2022

There was a chap covered with tattoos. I asked if he liked them. He said no. I asked "if I pray for you and they disappeared, would you believe in Jesus? He said yes.

17 October 22

I saw 5 of us, all women of different ages. I was the age I am now in real life. We all worked in this big mansion type house. We loved our employees. They were very kind people. All of us 5 servants lived in the same sort of house, but it was smaller. We had not long finished work for the day, and it was time to rest. 3 of the women were in one large bed. I was with the other woman. She was the "manageress/boss" of us. We respected and loved her. She was quite large. In the dream I knew it was this woman's last night. She was leaving. I remember carefully folding my side of the blankets over her as a sign of respect. The folds were very detailed and neat like pleats. They covered her. I made sure she was warm and cared for. Everyone was quiet. I never saw this womans face. I saw the others. I started sobbing. I was the only one who did. It woke me up and I felt quite overcome. The sadness was enormous. It was so deep in my spirit. 

30 October 22

Nuclear bomb going off and I was praying and holding fast in Jesus for safety. 

7 November 2022

Black gumboots lying down - had a name on them. (I do not have a peace about identifying this company).

1 January 2023

My hand was swollen, and my skin was growing up over my nails. I rebuked the enemy verbally out loud in my sleep and I woke up.

10 January 2023

I was out walking. a little boy with blonde hair collapsed on the road. Someone was doing CPR. He was dying. I went over and sat him up and spoke for his breath to come back into him. He came around and was healed.

15 January 2023

I was walking with a group of people along the street. We came across a business building. There was a fence at the entrance that had a type of round ball with a face. You could see through the ball but not identify what was inside, but you could see red eyes and mouth. Evil looking. The ball was a pine board colour. It looked a bit like a round lightshade.  I instantly had knowledge that (a prominent man known worldwide with 4 letters to his last name) knew what this face meant, and he was dealing with this to expose what it stood for and what it was all about. I got an impression it was about child trafficking. 

27 January 2023

I was with many people. There was some sort of gathering. God told me to hit this pole thing hard. Out came this cylinder type thing and it fell on the floor. God then told me to tell the people not to touch it. A man did touch it. Within a minute or so he crumbled back against a wall, sick. Very unwell almost instantly. Then others touched it. They too became unwell. The fear of God fell on them, and they looked at me with disbelief.

Then upstairs we heard horrible screaming. A girl came down from up there and the screams/noise went on. Like something was banging against walls and yelling. The voice did not sound human. I knew it was demonic. God said - call out to the crowd and ask if someone believed in deliverance and the power of God to deal with this thing. We were to do it together. The Lord asked me to do this 3 times until there were 4 of us. It was like God was showing me what to do and He will back me. We work as a team to do the will of God.

May 2023

I was being chased by a huge black horse to the edge of a cliff. Major (my pony from my childhood) came rushing ahead, and with his muzzle he heaved me up onto a roof so I would nest in the gulley. I was safe.

30 May 2023

I was walking through chaos holding up a sign. This sign said something like POLICE.

I knew the Holy Spirit was protecting me. The sign was just to show people I had some sort of authority but I knew I was powerful in God.

2 June 2023

I had at least two dreams in the night, and I was part of a first aid team to emergencies?

6 June 2023

I woke in the night with a revelation of how the Holy Spirit can make us really intelligent.

23 June 2023

I was inside sitting at a table with a male figure. The room was white. I looked out the window and a ray of light came down. It then turned and came right at me. I felt a bit awkward because this man was steering at me. These rays had some force, and it was affecting me. I felt uncomfortable. Then the ray turned into an angel/demon or man, and he was coming out of a cloud, but I saw a chain attached to him on his back. He then placed his hand on the chest of man I was sitting with. I was so confused as to what was happening. The man then fought of this angel type thing. I then felt either the man didn't want an impact/experience or identifies this angel thing as evil.

It seemed like a warning dream.

22 August 2023

There were 3 of us on top of this very high cliff. We were watching a woman driving or test driving a new car. Just as this person got in and started the car, she drove the car off the cliff and into the water. We were all in shock. I looked at the others, but they were like motionless. I realised it was up to me to try and save this person. I looked down but there were massive rocks shaped in large squares, - there was no way I could dive in to try to save her. I turned my back on the scene and took authority and commanded she lives. Instantly she was right there with us. I was stunned, it was like - how did you get here?

12 September 2023

I was looking after many babies. A mother was coming to pick up her baby soon. I woke the baby and fed it with the bottle so Mum wouldn't have too straight away.

September 2023

Continuous dreams of seeing empty rooms.

18 October 2023

I was driving a car, and I was near the top of a cliff. I stopped as horses were coming from the left. One white horse fell over the cliff. It had a saddle on. The other horses, three I think, were on the edge of the cliff around my car. Without realising it my wheels on the left side had gone over some barrier making my car in danger of going over. I got out of the car in bewilderment as to what was happening. Then a group of people pulled my car back with some type of rope, so it was safe on the road. 

31 January 2024

I was at home - not my real-life home. Then boom - a massive silence. There was some sort of echo x 2 or 3. Like a nuclear bomb going off - or what I would imagine it as. I knew it was felt worldwide. Then a stream of water came through one of the children's bedrooms. A neighbouring farmer came over. There seemed to be white everywhere. On the ground. Up to half my height. 

(Perhaps it will be a nuclear bomb of truth exposing every evil agenda)

February 16 2024

Twice in the night in my dreams I heard the name of a food company. (I do not have a peace about naming them) It had something to do with procedures within the company. Then I saw two shoes - feet going into the right shoe.

March 12 2024

I saw a lot of mats all for different purposes. A dog was on his mat, then I saw this mat change, Somehow the different mats came into contact with each other. I got a sense God was saying everything is for a reason, A greater plan.

27 April 2024

I saw the face of Albert Einstein in the sky. His face was like it had been painted/drawn with white pen/paint. (outlines) Then I saw a large face of a clown. Full colours.

I saw black and white (like a pencil drawing) a picture of balloons and flowers, petals. 

29 May 2024

I was with another person - female and were going in to clean a very dangerous prison area. You wouldn't have known it was a prison from the outside. The officer at the front door said we had 6 minutes. We went in the door. We each had our cleaning container with cleaners. We walked into the first room on the left to clean. We came across dirty underwear mixed with some fruit or something. We decided to leave it and go down the hall. We came to the end. There were 2 or 3 "rough looking" men standing around. They told us to go down a ramp - the distance of what would be 3 or 4 steps into some type of "cell type area although it had no bars/doors". It looked more like a bunker. I noticed a green demon's head on the wall behind one of the men. The head was in an alcove, and it was side on and racing right. It was alive. I knew this cell type/pit area was very dangerous and we would probably die. I said as a last resort - If I pray for the Holy Spirit to come, will you let us go and believe in God? I laid hands on one man and invited the Holy Spirit to come and show himself to these men. It was the only thing we could do to survive. YES, HE showed up. Then I woke up.